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This week’s update on Molly the Miracle Springer

Monday, May 17th, 2010


“Molly the Miracle” continues to astound her doctors who agree her recovery is amazing. Her red blood cell count is holding strong at 38! She is eating and playing and enjoying life as a normal dog. She loves going for walks and riding in the car, and even takes boat rides! If you look closely at her front legs you can see that she’s had to endure numerous IV’s, but her wonderful spirit and the love of her foster parents and caregivers helped to pull her through. Recently she was guest of honor at a “Yappy Hour” party held in St. Petersburg to help raise funds for her medical care — can’t you just see the sparkle in her eyes and the happiness in her pretty face!

Thanks to everyone who has followed her medical miracle story as she fought for her life, and had a hand in helping this little girl find such a happy life!

Rescued Airedale Pays It Forward

Thursday, May 6th, 2010

haley-and-pubbOne of the stars of our local pet therapy organization, Paws with a Purpose, is a joyful Airedale named Pubb, who walks the hospital halls spreading smiles, comfort, and love to everyone he meets. Pubb and his “mom” Marti often visit pediatric cancer patients, as well as children who are about to undergo a forensic interview in situations of suspected child abuse. No matter why the child is at the hospital, Pubb’s furry medicine gives them the courage to face the often scary future. Pubb is estimated to be nearly 13 years old, and he recently passed his re-certification test as a Delta Society therapy dog, which is required every two years. On that occasion, Marti wrote the following heartwarming letter  to the family who rescued Pubb. It’s a testament not only to Pubb, but to how a simple act of compassion continues to touch many lives.

April 18, 2010

Dear Bishop,

You may remember that in 2003 you picked up an Airedale in a lot of trouble on the side of the road and named him Pubb. He was on three legs, weighed 30-some lbs, had little hair, battle scars, plenty of heartworms and every other possible parasite. You and your family nursed him through the most critical phase of recovery and then Airedale Rescue transported him to his foster family.

Let me say up front that this isn’t one of those sad letters written upon the death of a dog—he is absolutely fine and still acts like a puppy. Getting a little stiffer in his advancing years, but still would rather hike with me than breathe. Wrestles and plays endlessly with the three other Airedales in the house, and was the first to befriend the now-seven month old puppy Punch. His signature is a bulldozer-like move through one’s legs and he has been known to pick small people (I being one of them) off their feet. And when people hear how old he is (we guess about 13 now—estimates of his age when you rescued him were 5 to 7), they are in absolute disbelief.

Anyway, this is by way of a love letter from Pubb, and it’s by way of letting you know the ripples of good things your good deed created. For my own part, I don’t think there has been a day since he arrived that Pubb (also called Bubbie—Pubb morphed into an affectionate Pubba-Bubba and thus he answers to Pubby, Pubb, Bubbie, Bupps, Bubb, Pubbster, Boobert and the rattle of a food bowl) has not made me laugh aloud, and the value of a dog that can do that is inestimable. (more…)

This week’s update on Molly the Springer

Thursday, April 22nd, 2010

Molly continues to improve every day even though her incision is still not healing. She was sedated yesterday to evaluate the problem and it was determined that a bleeding mammary vein was the cause. That vein has now been ligated, and we are hoping that Molly’s body will respond positively and heal in that particular area. She has come so far, and while this seems like a minor concern, she still needs our continued support and prayers. We are hoping that our next update on Molly’s recovery will be the best yet!

Another update on Molly, the miracle dog

Saturday, April 10th, 2010

molly_homeMolly, the rescue springer spaniel who suffered life-threatening complications from spay surgery, is out of the hospital and into her new foster home!

The official statement from her new foster family: “Molly is all settled in and doing awesome! We love her!“

Applause to all who have followed Molly’s saga and helped to make this chapter a hopeful one.

Update on Molly, the rescue Springer

Wednesday, April 7th, 2010

molly_e-collar3Molly, the Springer spaniel with a rare blood clotting problem, is doing better! It appears that her new treatment is working and if she continues to improve, she will be able to return to her dedicated and caring foster parents soon. Please continue to send healing thoughts her way.

The amazing story of Molly, a rescue Springer

Monday, April 5th, 2010

Although I’m not in the market for another dog just yet, I frequently check out the available dogs on the English Springer Rescue site. I greatly admire the folks who provide foster care, and I love the stories they write about each dog, so that the prospective adopter can find the perfect match. Recently, a beautiful black and white springer named Molly caught my eye, as she resembles my Emily. After a few weeks getting acclimated in her foster home, Molly was spayed. Shortly thereafter, her foster parents noticed bleeding around the incision. What followed is completely harrowing, but shows the power of a caring group of volunteers and veterinary staff, working hard to save Molly. (more…)

Springer goes from “dog prison” to police work

Saturday, March 20th, 2010

Here is a heartwarming story from the most recent edition of the Springer Rescue newsletter about a down on his luck Springer spaniel. Found wandering the streets with a rusty chain collar hanging from his neck, the dirty and hungry spaniel was picked up by Animal Control. Although the dog’s owner was contacted several times, he was not claimed. He was assigned to a pen in the back of the shelter because “nobody would want him.” Fortunately, Animal Control called Springer Rescue, and a caring volunteer “sprung” him. She recognized a “diamond in the rough” in this little guy, who she named Prancer. He was smart, playful and had a strong drive to retrieve toys, so she thought he might be suitable for Search and Rescue work. Then she learned of a police department looking for a new narcotics-sniffing dog. Prancer easily passed the screening test, showing an aptitude for scent detection, and is now a working member of the police force in Dekalb County, Georgia. He is now known as “Officer Rusty.” I love these stories of “throwaway dogs” who are making a difference, because someone gave them a second chance!

Lost dog – Love found!

Thursday, February 11th, 2010

A recent story from the Asheville Citizen-Times, by Carole Currie –

We all like to think that things happen for a reason. Sometimes we can put the stories together and sometimes we can’t. This is one of those stories.

When Jeanne Keesler Nanney lived in North Asheville, her friends saw her out daily, walking and jogging with her 80-pound yellow Lab, Nick. She was so devoted to that dog that when he got cancer and had to have his leg amputated and could no longer go upstairs in the house to sleep, she slept downstairs so, Jeanne says, “He would know how much he meant to me.”

Nick died in 2006, and Jeanne did not get another dog – because she rejected the idea of a “replacement dog” and because her life took a whole new turn. (more…)

Save A Spaniel – recommended book!

Friday, January 1st, 2010

Since I love spaniels and love books written in the dog’s voice, I was delighted to discover this new book, Save a Spaniel; a tale of loss and survival featuring a dog, by Cathy Mitchell, a Pulitzer Prize winner and journalism professor. save-a-spaniel2Although fiction, the story is loosely based on the adventures of one of the author’s dogs, a rescued Boykin spaniel. “Star,” the canine narrator of the book, is a purebred Boykin spaniel with a white mark on her chest, an undesirable marking for the breed standard. Star is purchased by a couple as a pet and hunting companion for the husband. Her troubles begin when she proves to be gun-shy. (more…)

Chained Dogs – Organizations Making a Difference

Sunday, June 21st, 2009

As I drive to the cabin with Alex snoozing contentedly on his quilt in the back seat, I pass by several dogs on the mountain back roads that aren’t so lucky. One forlorn beagle lives by himself in a small pen on the hillside, quite a distance from the main house. He has shade and a dog house, and once I saw him trotting happily behind the lawn mower, enjoying a few moments of freedom. But he spends most days lying in his pen, watching the cars go by. At least he has a pen, though it is tiny. Further up the road, a puppy lounges on a long chain amidst rusty old trucks and farm equipment. If not for the chain, he would probably meet death on the road. Sadly, there are dogs  who live their entire lives chained in back yards. It’s perfectly legal in this area. This morning at the tailgate market, I met a couple who are doing something about it. (more…)