A dog’s lesson: Don’t Postpone Joy

I’m on a committee at the Asheville Humane Society, and whenever I attend a meeting there I can’t help but walk through the aisles of dogs and puppies for adoption. Last week I stopped to admire an adorable tri-colored pup named Razzle, but after giving me a quick glance and wag of his tail, he returned to his peanut butter-stuffed Kong, which he was attacking with gusto.

Razzle is practicing the motto of a friend of mine, Laurey, who has a successful catering business and has actually trademarked the phrase Don’t Postpone Joy (sorry, not sure how to add the trademark symbol here!) and has added it to coffee mugs, aprons, bumper stickers, and other items in her shop. Laurey is a two-time cancer survivor, and is now fighting a recurrence, but she is a living example of this motto.

In addition to operating a busy catering business and popular Asheville eatery where the tagline is “gourmet comfort food,” Laurey’s life is full of adventures. A couple of years ago she biked across the US with a group of women to raise awareness of ovarian cancer. She took up glass blowing as a hobby, and the windows of her shop are filled with colorful glass ornaments for sale. She scatters the less perfect ones around her organic garden to catch the sun. Her latest venture is bee-keeping, and she’s currently writing a book about it. Her close companion through all this, including the cancer treatments, is her beautiful dog Tye, who comforts her during the dark moments and shares the joy of just being together on a sunshine-filled fall day.

I was at the Humane Society again this week, and am happy to report that Razzle has been adopted. May he bring his new family much joy, every day. I will carry the image of him enjoying his Kong in my mind, as a reminder to not wait to embrace what you love, and those you love.

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