Chained Dogs – Organizations Making a Difference

As I drive to the cabin with Alex snoozing contentedly on his quilt in the back seat, I pass by several dogs on the mountain back roads that aren’t so lucky. One forlorn beagle lives by himself in a small pen on the hillside, quite a distance from the main house. He has shade and a dog house, and once I saw him trotting happily behind the lawn mower, enjoying a few moments of freedom. But he spends most days lying in his pen, watching the cars go by. At least he has a pen, though it is tiny. Further up the road, a puppy lounges on a long chain amidst rusty old trucks and farm equipment. If not for the chain, he would probably meet death on the road. Sadly, there are dogs  who live their entire lives chained in back yards. It’s perfectly legal in this area. This morning at the tailgate market, I met a couple who are doing something about it.They have formed,  a nonprofit that uses volunteers to build fences for chained dogs. At their tailgate market booth, they collect donations, which they use to purchase fencing materials, and hand out literature to raise awareness of the problem. They offer wonderful home-made dog biscuits, free with a donation. Since November 2008 they have freed 13 dogs and are working on providing fenced enclosures for 9 more dogs this summer. What a difference they are making for these lonely animals!

According to Emily Pennel on her web site, “Humans have many things to occupy our time. We have work, school, church, shopping, going places, watching TV, spending time with friends. Dogs don’t have anything but us. Dogs depend on their humans for everything: food, water, grooming, exercise, medical care, companionship, and love. If someone can’t provide their faithful canine companion with these basic needs, that person simply should not have a dog. Dogs deserve more than life in prison, with no hope of parole.”

Please visit or for a wealth of information on this terrible problem, and tips on what you can do about it. You can make a difference!

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