Pawprints in the Stars – a new book for pet loss

In my last post I wrote about looking up at the Dog Star in the early morning sky, a ritual I found healing following the loss of Byron and Emily. I mentioned that objects with star motifs began appearing in my life, as if the dogs were letting me know that we are still connected. Thus, I was surprised and delighted to come across a new book, Pawprints in the Stars; a Farewell and Journal for a Beloved Pet written and illustrated by Warren Hanson (Tristan Publishing, 2008). pawprints-in-starsThe book consists of a poem written in the dog’s voice. On each facing page is a beautiful illustration of a dog outlined in the stars. Blank pages at the end are intended for photos or other memories to be added. There is also a ribbon where your pet’s tags can be attached. Here is a brief excerpt from the book:

So when you find that you are missing me,

Just listen to your heart,

and you will know that

I am never very far:

Each time you stand beneath the heavens,

and look up to face the dark,

you will see my shining paw prints

in the stars.

This is a lovely little book and an ideal gift for anyone experiencing pet loss. It is suitable to read to children as well.

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