Our summer vacation

Alex and I are back from our summer vacations. Mine was a week in Maine, at a writing workshop. His was a week in Weaverville, NC at “Camp Airedales,” a beautiful home whose owner admits was “built for the dogs,” and is surrounded by acres of rolling fenced pastures to romp in with resident Airedales Pixi, a therapy dog and agility champion; Peach, a rescued Airedale, and Pubb, the elder statesman of the pack and therapy dog extraordinaire. I missed Alex, but Maine and the writing workshop were wonderful experiences. A week with twelve women writers, who by the end of the week had dubbed ourselves “the women weavers of Stonecoast,” as we shared poignant, painful, and sometimes humorous stories of our lives, woven into words on the page. Back at Camp Airedales, Alex was learning boundaries including electric fences, scat mats, and not throwing tantrums in the crate when confined. He also learned to use a doggie door, and had adventures hiking with the Airedales. In just a week, he seemed to grow up. It was a  memorable week for us both.

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