Join the Cure Canine Cancer Walk-a-thon!

istock_000008767421xsmallAs I look outside on the latest snowfall, I enjoy dreaming of spring and outdoor fun. The walk-a-thon season is almost upon us! Here is a cause that is dear to my heart, as I have lost four beloved dogs to cancer. The Morris Animal Foundation, which sponsors research in many areas of animal health including cancer, is planning K9 Cancer Walks to raise research money. This year, you can participate virtually! What Is a K9 Cancer Walk? Morris Animal Foundation launched the Canine Cancer Campaign to help scientists worldwide prevent, treat and, ultimately, cure cancer in dogs. The K9 Cancer Walks are fundraising events throughout the country that support this important campaign. All funds raised at the K9 Cancer Walks go directly toward much-needed research that will help dogs enjoy longer, healthier—cancer-free—lives. Participating in one of these walks is a great way to memorialize a beloved dog lost to cancer and create a brighter future for your current companion. Half of all dogs will be affected by cancer—but together, we can beat this disease. Learn more at and click on “Virtual Participation.”

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