Naming your pet’s guardian

alex-on-quiltNot long ago I was asked by a hospice social worker to arrange for a client’s beloved poodle to be groomed. Unfortunately before I could make arrangements to pick up Cindy and have her groomed, the client had to be hospitalized, where he passed away. Fortunately, Cindy was adopted by a family member. However, I know many pets are not as fortunate when their human passes away, and they end up in a shelter. I recently discovered an organization in Colorado, Safe Place for Pets, whose mission is to find forever homes for pets of terminally ill people. According to their web site, they “strive to provide peace to those leaving this world by assuring that a beloved pet will continue to be safe, treasured, and loved. To some it is what matters most.” The web site has a downloadable form on which you can record your wishes for your pet’s future as part of your estate planning. The web site also has wonderful pets for adoption! I’m sure this type of organization is needed in every community. Thanks to the wonderful folks at Safe Place who place these beloved pets in new homes.

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