The amazing story of Molly, a rescue Springer

Although I’m not in the market for another dog just yet, I frequently check out the available dogs on the English Springer Rescue site. I greatly admire the folks who provide foster care, and I love the stories they write about each dog, so that the prospective adopter can find the perfect match. Recently, a beautiful black and white springer named Molly caught my eye, as she resembles my Emily. After a few weeks getting acclimated in her foster home, Molly was spayed. Shortly thereafter, her foster parents noticed bleeding around the incision. What followed is completely harrowing, but shows the power of a caring group of volunteers and veterinary staff, working hard to save Molly.After several surgeries to stop the bleeding, transfusions, and weeks in the ICU, it was determined that Molly may have a clotting deficiency that sometimes shows up in springer spaniels, though it is rare. The vet was able to obtain a new drug that seems to be working! Meanwhile, volunteers have brought Molly home-cooked meals and treats to get her eating, and other volunteers are organizing fund-raisers to help defray the enormous vet bills. Happily, it looks like she may be able to go home soon, and one of the ICU nurses has offered to adopt her. You can read Molly’s story here. Please keep this wonderful dog, and all her caregivers, in your thoughts and prayers.

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