Happy Mother’s Day!

Mother and Winston

Mother and Winston

Although my children are of the canine persuasion, I have always loved Mother’s Day. Spring is in full bloom and it ushers in the lovely month of May. Since¬† moving back to be closer to my elderly parents (mom is 94) I have especially treasured each Mother’s Day. Today, we will celebrate it at our mountain cabin, though it will be a bit chilly to enjoy the deck. But Mother will settle herself in front of the fireplace with a glass of sherry, and all will be right with the world.

They say “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.” I owe my love of all creatures to both my parents, but especially my mother. One Sunday on our way to church she spotted a collie by the road. On our way home the collie was still there, so Mother stopped the car and coaxed her in. After diligent attempts to find her owner, Sheba became part of our family and spanned my childhood from about age 5 to age 14. The night she died, I was at a school dance, and it wasn’t until many years later I learned that Sheba had gone into acute heart failure and my father had euthanized her with morphine from his doctor bag. My sisters and I thought she had died in her sleep. The next dog, Sherry, saw us through our teenage years and helped Mother adjust to the empty nest as one by one, we left for college. When Sherry died, my parents never got another dog, but they enjoy visits from my dogs at their retirement community. Once, when I left Byron there for a brief time, I returned to find Byron and Mother sitting on the couch, watching a concert on TV. “He’s a high brow dog,” she pronounced. “He loves classical music.”¬† One year my father bought me a pot of daisies with a card from Byron and Emily, for Mother’s Day. I treasured that gift, and saved the card. And when Byron, and then Emily, died, my parents mourned with me.

This Mother’s Day, my brood consists of Alex, my welsh springer who will be two next month. Most of the puppy craziness is gone (sigh!) but he has become a lovely companion, following me everywhere as Springers do. I will burst with pride as he shows off his repertoire of tricks, “high five” and “high ten,” and I will make sure there is a good supply of treats in everyone’s pockets. Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers of the world, and may your children bring you much joy.

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