Cute Dog Contest=Cute Fundraising Idea!

I am always looking for fun (and easy) fund-raising ideas for animal organizations. Actually, this idea could be used for any organization, not just animal-related. It’s from the Delta Society.

The class project – ‘help others’.

Each student in the 5th grade class was given the assignment – find a way to help others. The children were to work independently, not with other classmates, to come up with their own way to make a difference in other’s lives.

11-year old Alyssa decided she wanted to help bring more joy, compassion and comfort to others through the Delta Society Pet Partners program, and she decided to raise money to support this program. She contacted Delta for promotional materials for use during her fundraiser, including coloring sheets for kids, informational pamphlets for adults and a banner. At that time she wasn’t sure what her project would actually be – maybe a bake sale. But she came up with a very creative idea.

Alyssa wrote, “I wanted my fundraiser to be unique and fun and something that no one has ever done before. I knew a lot of people in my school had dogs so I decided to have a Cute Dog Contest. People seemed to like that idea because I got 18 entries!”

She mounted the dogs’ pictures on a board, and next to each dog there was a number. There were 18 cups with lids near the poster. If you wanted to vote for one of the dogs you would look at the number next to it and put a coin in the cup with that number. The amounts of the votes were the amounts of the coins, for example a quarter would be twenty five votes.

The contest went on for two weeks. The winner of the contest got a huge gift basket with toys and snacks, and the runner-ups received smaller gift baskets with two items. The fundraiser raised $424.29!

I love this story because it shows that small donations add up and make a difference. Congratulations, Alyssa!

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