A puppy grows up

My puppy Alex is ten months old today. “They grow up fast,” his breeder warned me. He was ten weeks old when I picked him up last August. I hardly slept the night before, wondering what I was getting into. After years of shelter dogs and rescues and adapting to the rhythms of old dogs, a puppy was a new experience. Would he destroy the house? chew all my shoes? keep me up all night? Would he and Emily, my elderly English springer, get along? Would she feel shoved aside? Would she live to see him?
I’m happy to report that most of my fears were unfounded. Yes, there have been moments when all did not go smoothly, but Alex has been a joy. We are working on obedience training and setting boundaries. He’s taught me to pick up my clothes and shoes and put them out of reach, not a bad thing to be reminded of. Like any new relationship, we’re learning to communicate. Sometimes I just watch him as he sleeps, and feel very lucky to share my home and my life with him. alex-profile-march-09alex-at-10-months

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