A Church Service for Dogs

I’ve written before about a very moving Blessing of the Animals service that Alex and I participated in. Now, Calvary Church in Danvers, Massachusetts has started Perfect Paws Pet Ministry, a half-hour service for people and their dogs on the third Sunday of each month. The service includes Communion,blessings, and dog biscuits for the dogs at the end of the service. The service also includes prayers for animals who are ill, and for those who are deceased. Calvary Church Danvers held its first Perfect Paws Pet Ministry on Sunday, May 16, 2010, and more than 85 people and 50 dogs attended. ┬áThe Rev. Thea Keith-Lucas, rector of Calvary, offered a warm, Spirit-filled half-hour service that included prayers of intercession for the animals in our lives — prayers for healing, comfort, freedom from pain, celebration of their presence in our lives, and for the remembrance of those much loved animals we have lost. The Pet Ministry also offers e-prayers for beloved pets, to celebrate the arrival of new animals who join your family and to offer prayerful intercessions for animals who are ill, in pain, healing, or those who are deceased. Prayer requests can be emailed, and have been received from pet owners worldwide, following news coverage of this wonderful service.

My church congregation includes a guide dog puppy raiser, and occasionally I will see a cute yellow lab puppy in its “guide dog puppy in training” cape, sitting in one of the back pews. I would love to be able to attend a church service such as Perfect Paws, and hope this spreads to other churches. What about you? Would you support a church service for dogs to attend?

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