Sophie the Springer Needs Help!


Okay folks, here is another springer damsel in distress. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the plight of older dogs who end up in shelters through no fault of their own – often due to changing family circumstances. Their lifelong guardian dies, or becomes ill, or moves into a nursing home, or can no longer afford to care for them. They are likely to be passed over for adoption in favor of the younger dogs. A lucky few, like 8 year old Sophie, are saved by rescue groups. As part of Be the Change For Animals, a group of pet bloggers are posting on causes important to them, and I am choosing to spread the word about the plight of older dogs like Sophie.  English Springer Rescue pulled Sophie from a midwest shelter the day before she would have been euthanized. She had such a bad ear infection her face was completely swollen. Once that was cleared up, it was discovered she had an old hip injury, possibly from being hit by a car, but fortunately surgery was possible. Sophie is expected to make a full recovery! However, she has incurred huge vet bills. Please read her story and make a donation in memory or in honor of your favorite dog. Thank you!

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