Positive Thinking-a lesson from Mayo

This week I am at the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, Fl at a conference on using social media in hospitals and health care. Aside from this blog, I am woefully behind in the social media world. People in the audience are actually tweeting about the conference live! It is certainly transforming communication, but yesterday morning I overheard a simple, face-to-face communication that touched my heart. I am staying at a hotel on-site where many of the guests are family of patients being treated at Mayo. There is a buffet breakfast in the lobby, with a friendly attendant who makes sure everything is perfect for the guests. Yesterday, as I was eating, the attendant greeted a guest with a warm smile and,”How was your weekend?” A typical question we all get on a Monday. The guest responded enthusiastically, “It was great! Just a wonderful weekend!” Then I overheard the guest explain to another woman that her husband is waiting for a liver transplant. I don’t know how long the couple have been here at Mayo waiting for the transplant, or what the circumstances are, but probably they are not good. But this woman chose to be positive and to celebrate the time they have together. For me, it was a lesson in “count your blessings.”

Alex is home with a pet sitter, and when I return I am going to give him a big hug. He gives me a dose of positive thinking many times each day – from first thing in the morning when he comes over to the bed and sticks his nose in my face to tell me I am the most wonderful human he has ever known, and let’s go outside and enjoy this beautiful fall day. Then it is, “Wow, time for breakfast, I LOVE that same old stuff you put in my bowl each morning. Wow, I get to go to daycare today??!” and so on. Never, “Nah, I don’t want to go for a walk now – I’m sleeping. Maybe later…” Whatever the day brings, Alex’s attitude is always, “Count me in.” It’s a good example to follow.

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