Vet tech saves feral kittens on the interstate

Here is a heartwarming story involving a black kitten – for Halloween! A veterinary technician at Animal Hospital of North Asheville (Alex’s vet) was on her way to work on a busy interstate when she saw a cat get hit by a car. She stopped, but the cat was dead. Then she noticed two kittens, one black and one calico, nearby. She tried to approach them but they ran into the bushes. She began setting out food and water for them twice a day, as she drove to and from work. Although the kittens began looking for her, they were feral and would not let her get close enough to pick them up. Together with her co-workers, the tech devised a plan to trap the kittens with a Have-a-Heart trap, but the kittens were too small to trip the lever. Finally, through persistence and ingenuity, she trapped the calico kitten, and then the black kitten. At the animal hospital, the staff socialized the kittens around the clock, and they have both been adopted! You can read the whole story here. Enjoy!

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