Favorite Dog Books

On this page I will share dog books that I have read and loved. I read dog memoirs and books about the human-animal bond.

The Daily Coyote – Well, it’s not a dog book, but it is a wonderful story of an orphaned coyote, living in harmony (most of the time) with a young woman, a cat, and other dogs in a small Wyoming town. A love story on many levels, and highly recommended.
My Doggie Says – Winner of the 2007 Indie Excellence Award for “Animals/Pets.” Eighty-five playful and colorful photographs and entertaining stories capture the body-language-communication of Jamie, a Golden Retriever. Readers smile and chuckle as they learn how to listen and become more bonded to their dog. Loving, warm and humorous, this book offers a bright insight into the souls of our dearest pets.
Dog Blessings is a heartwarming anthology of poems celebrating all stages of a dog’s life.