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Off to BlogPaws!

Tuesday, August 23rd, 2011

I am headed to BlogPaws, a conference of pet bloggers this weekend. I know it will be fun and inspiring. People who love pets are the nicest people in the world, so what could be better than a convention of them? Maybe our collective energy will disperse the negative cloud that’s been hanging over Washington, DC and bring a new spirit of working together to our elected representatives. One can only hope!

Back next week!

Baker takes the therapy dog test

Thursday, August 11th, 2011

Learning hand signals

Years ago, I had a dear friend who was hospitalized with terminal cancer. She loved dogs, and her final weeks were brightened by visits from a troupe of golden retriever therapy dogs. Louise’s face lit up with a smile as she described their visits, and often led to reminiscing about her childhood pal, a German Shepherd, whom she was confident she would see again on the other side.  Since then, it’s been a dream of mine to become a pet therapy volunteer. (more…)

Healing Hearts after a Firefighter Tragedy

Saturday, August 6th, 2011

The Asheville community was deeply saddened last week when an office building fire took the life of Captain Jeff Bowen, a 37-year old firefighter and injured 12 other brave firemen. Adding to the tragedy is this week’s finding that the fire was set by an arsonist. The building contained medical offices, including an oncology practice and other clinics that treat many elderly and frail patients. Fortunately, the occupants were evacuated to safety. Knowing the healing power of pets, staff at the Asheville Humane Society decided to waive adoption fees for city and county firefighters and their families, over the next two months. (more…)